Situation in Lumpkin County is worse than we thought.

Situation in Lumpkin County is worse than we thought. May 15, 2013

Remember Lumpkin County High School where teachers abandoned their class to pray with students?  New facts have come to light revealing the situation as much, much worst than we previously thought.  Some of the highlights include:

  1. That 12 teachers and staff were involved, not the four originally reported
  2. That at least 3 of the teachers and staff involved are related to Lumpkin County Board of Education members
  3. That Lumpkin County High School principal Conner was “at the very least aware the incident was occurring” and that he had violated the Constitution in similar ways in the past.
  4. That adults individuals, with no affiliation to the school whatsoever, entered campus, entered the school, walked to the gym, and participated in the prayers.    One of the interlopers entered the cafeteria and harangued students for not participating in the prayers.

What’s more, the situation with the biology teacher is particularly loathsome, and it gives us some insight to the principal we’re dealing with:

In a New York Times article from 2006, a biology teacher, wishing to teach evolution, had to go through a meeting with Conner regarding her class.  She relates the experience:

“He took a Bible off the bookshelf behind him and said, ‘[I] believe in everything in this book, do you?’  I told him, ‘I really feel uncomfortable about your asking that question.’  [But] he wouldn’t let it go.”

This teacher eventually had to fill out a grievance because she was being ‘threatened and harassed” by staff for following the approved curriculum.  This all occurred under Conner’s, and for that matter, your, watch.  This presents serious issues regarding Conner’s knowledge and complicity in the illegal incident.  Surely if he’s willing to inject religion into the public school in one instance he is willing to facilitate, participate, or allow it in another instance.

As if having this particular principal still in power, even after he attempted to coerce a teacher into sabotaging the education of the school’s students, wasn’t bad enough, the nepotism of having teachers who are related to board members could explain the complete inaction of superintendent Moye.  It also paints a clear picture of what anybody in the local area who elects to fight this is up against.  Whoever pushes back will be treated like the locals like god treats Christians: they will attempt to intimidate them into complying with their demands.

They need our support.  I wrote a letter to superintendent Dewey Moye.  He needs more of them.  He needs the pressure of knowing that intimidation will not occur in secret.  If Dewey Moye is to fight to keep his school illegally beholden to religious interests, he must know that the fight will be national, even global, and that he and the believers encouraging him will have to intimidate far more than one person.

So first,share it around.  Then, send your letters to superintendent Dewey Moye at  Then, send me your letters to me.  I’ll post a new one every day as long as I’m getting them.

People like Jessica Ahlquist should never have to fight alone.  Let’s make sure whoever stands against the majority of eager lawbreakers in Lumpkin knows we have their back.

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