God is not good.

God is not good. June 26, 2013

Some people find confirmation of god’s existence in things so ludicrous one can only wonder what could ever convince them that god doesn’t exist.  I was reading about Aaron Hernandez, the tight end for the New England Patriots, who has been arrested in an investigation into a murder.  It’s very sad.  But what made my eyes pop out of my head was what the victim’s sister said:

Lloyd’s sister, Olivia Thibou, said she was glad to hear about Hernandez’s arrest.

“God is great,” she said. “It’s the best news I’ve had since my brother was killed last week.”

That last sentence…I just…

You clearly think god intervenes, because you’re thanking him for Hernandez’ arrest.  So you believe god can intervene and that he is good because he didn’t intervene to keep your brother alive, but decided to guide the police to the killer’s doorstep?

The things that religion can do to people’s thought processes…

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