I’m a girl geeking out!

I’m a girl geeking out! June 28, 2013

Yesterday I was invited to join The Secular View as a gaming columnist.  The tag line for the site is “girls geeking out” and this is how they describe the site:

We have brilliant children who we love to play with, we are gamers, we ride on the back of our husbands motorcycles, we work in our communities to try to make the world a better place, we are artists, we speak at conventions, we cosplay, and we love to hang out with like-minded ladies and discuss important issues. We want this show to reflect the diversity of atheist activist women and have a good time doing it. Secular View will be the go to place for news and entertainment and showcase the awesome women who are a part of the ever growing population of people who are good without a god.

How could I not accept?  🙂

This will be fun.  I hope to have my first article up soon.

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