Naval Academy denies the use of publicly funded chapel for non-Christian wedding.

Naval Academy denies the use of publicly funded chapel for non-Christian wedding. July 30, 2013

Oh United States Naval Academy…you done goofed.

U.S. Naval Academy administrators have denied a request from a recent graduate to hold his planned humanist wedding in the academy’s chapel, declaring that the chapel is only to be used for Christian ceremonies.

Wrong answer, Naval Academy.

The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center sent a letter sent yesterday to United States Naval Academy Superintendent Vice Adm. Michael H. Miller and Senior Chaplain Commander Michael Gore asking the decision be reversed and confirm that it is not the policy of the Naval Academy “to forbid non-Christians from using the Chapel for their wedding ceremonies.”

“This discriminatory policy is unconstitutional,” the letter states. “The Naval Academy cannot deny use of its publicly owned facilities on the basis of the religious views of those wishing to do so.”

“Weddings performed by humanist celebrants are legal everywhere in the country, as are weddings performed by many other non-Christian officiants,” said Appignani Humanist Legal Center Coordinator Bill Burgess. “There is no valid reason the U.S. Naval Academy’s chapel can’t be used by all of them.”

This is an open and shut legal case that never should be even close to happening.  Good job troops!  Fight for equality for all!  Unless you’re not a Christian, then you can die for your country, but we’ll be damned if we let you get married in a chapel built with tax payer money.

And religious people wonder what we’re so upset about.

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