Obamacare confession.

Obamacare confession. July 24, 2013

This is my father’s facebook status from last night:

The hammer has dropped. The sky has fallen. I have been a staunch defender of the ACA. I have defended Nancy Pelosi’s much maligned (and taken out of context by the right) statement to pass it so we would know what was in it.


Today, I got a letter from my current insurance company inviting me to call them and find out what the exchange could do for me. The letter informed me that I could keep my current $600 per month, $10,000 deductible policy since it is grandfathered in, or I could get a new policy starting Jan. 1.

For a total of $105 per month, I will be able to get a new silver policy. My current policy equal to a bronze. For a total of $300 per month, I will be able to get a gold policy. The higher your metal, the lower your deductible, your copay, and the higher the drug benefit.

So, instead of $7200 per year for catastrophic insurance for Carol and I, plus paying out about $10,000 out of pocket each year due to the high deductible and pre-existing conditions………we will pay either $1200 or $3600 per year for a damned sight better coverage and much fewer out of pocket expenses.

So, for all the conservatives who have been desperately straining for years to scare me out of this, and to the Republicans in the House who have voted 37 times to repeal the ACA……kiss my country ass. You’re a bunch of lying, fear mongering and ignorant demagogues, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.


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  • Ted Kord

    For a bunch of people who don’t believe in God, you’re certainly willing to metaphorically sell your soul for this marshmallow and butterfly farting fairytale called Obamacare.

    Shock and surprise, the president lied about being able to keep your coverage. Shock and surprise, top Democrats like Steny Hoyer knew about it. Shock and surprise, over 1.5 MILLION people have had their health coverage cancelled.

    And you’re willing to go over the cliff with the rest of the lemmings for this pile of crap from a bunch of clownish buffoons who can’t even build an industry-standard website. Oh, that was no-bid contracted to Michelle’s college roommate. Nice work if you can get it!

    Yo, JT’s dad got his, so suck it, ‘Murica!

    • baal

      Time for single payer!

      Health care for everyone is a national security issue – don’t we want diseases stopped by having a healthy population instead of a sick one that’s ripe for bioweapons?

      Btw, does professional trolling for the Koch’s pay well? I want to supplement my income.

  • Ted Kord

    New Jersey college students have their low-cost insurance pulled, can’t afford more expensive O-care and are going without?


    Yo, JT’s dad got his, so suck it, ‘Murica!

    • You mean the catastrophic insurance that A) doesn’t cover basic doctor visits and B) has huge deductibles that poor college students most certainly can’t afford and C) has a lifetime cap on care much less than the actual medical cost of an emergency?

      The kind of “insurance” that is literally throwing your money down the drain? Yeah, they can’t get that anymore. But as a poor college student, you will get massive subsidies (your income is going to be low) and the cost is going to be low to nil, or if you’re lucky you can stay on your parents’ insurance until you’re 26.

      Your ignorance is noted.

      P.S. The $2,000 bill for dental work is how things are now. The ACA doesn’t go into effect until January 2014, so his current insurance is the one fucking him over. It’s an example of the current system’s failures.

    • RobMcCune

      Do you have any idea how little basic college insurance actually covers? I suspect not since you use “Murica!” completely seriously and you don’t know how to use a question mark.

  • Ted Kord

    Awesome! Obamacare delivers equity and fairness again!

    The Griffins, who live near Philadelphia, pay $770 monthly for their soon-to-be-terminated health care plan with a $2,500 deductible. The cheapest plan they found on their state insurance exchange was a so-called bronze plan charging a $1,275 monthly premium with deductibles totaling $12,700. It covers only providers in Pennsylvania, so the couple, who live near Delaware, won’t be able to see doctors they’ve used for more than a decade.

    They don’t get to see the doctors they’ve been seeing for years, either? Awesome sauce!

    The President is a LIAR. They had to pass this fucking piece of shit to know what was in it, and now we know: its purpose is not to improve healthcare or improve the lives of “ordinary Americans.” Its purpose is to transfer wealth. Period.

    You monkeys sit here masturbating to your own cleverness, castigating “authoritarians” who don’t understand “consent.” Bullshit. You don’t recognize you’re looking in your own authoritarian mirror. Nobody consented to this pile of crap. But, like every good authoritarian rapist, you’re telling us to relax and enjoy it, letting us know what’s really good for us as you tell us to get a towel and put some ice on it when you’re done.

    You hypocritical pricks.

    But yo, JT’s dad got his, so suck it, ‘Murica!


    • I’m going to guess this story is as badly sourced and twisted as the last one I debunked for you. I note you never answered my response last time, either. How many times does this have to happen before you realize you’re being suckered? If a plan offers inadequate coverage, it was never going to be allowed to continue. Ever. It was always going to have to change, because the ACA specifically disallows plans that don’t mean basic minimums.

      And yes, healthy people’s premiums will sometimes go up. I don’t know if this couple is in that boat or not, but that was also always going to happen. There were always going to be losers in the ACA- generally healthy, single, young people who didn’t carry insurance at all. It was just determined (rightly so) that the harm done to them was massively outweighed by the good for everyone else plus the benefits they would receive.

      No one consented to this? Methinks you misunderstand what a Republic is. We elect congresspeople as our representatives. We delegate to them the power to make laws. That’s what a republic is. We, by living here and especially by voting, all consented to this. If you don’t like the law, there are things you can do. You can protest, send letters to your Congresscritters, vote, run for office, campaign for a candidate you like, etc. What you cannot do is claim that a lawfully passed law is illegitimate just because you don’t like it.