Caption for the giant Jesus at the UN picture.

Caption for the giant Jesus at the UN picture. August 19, 2013

This picture has been circulating.  It’s Jesus Kong knocking at the UN building.  I went ahead and included my caption:

Hey, there’s a lot of suffering going on in the world that I could fix instantly and effortlessly all on account of the system I implemented. I’m going to need you guys to fix it while worshiping and crediting me.

The unspoken message of the picture is that Jesus wants to help so bad, so bad, but gosh darn it he just won’t unless the UN members become Christian (or start doing the harmful things to society that the Christian right wants, like relegating gay people to the role of second class citizens).  The message is that their loving god is a god who will alleviate suffering, but only conditionally, as if he values worship over kindness.


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