Did you know that marriage equality laws are a mind control experiment?

Did you know that marriage equality laws are a mind control experiment? September 25, 2013

I’m going to give you a quote.  Your job is to decide who said it.  Was it:

A)  A pastor of a megachurch
B)  Some blowhard conservative radio personality with no accountability to humanity or good sense
C)  A paranoid in a tinfoil hat who thinks Obama is hunting for him in order to force him to have abortions
D)  A state senator elected by actual human beings, with greater influence on the laws that govern lots of people than you or I will ever have

Ok, here’s the quote, talking about Colorado’s civil union laws:

…the law had no exemptions for religious objections, which means that it “completely suppresses basically any ideas; it’s a mind-control experiment by the majority party, the Democrats, here in Colorado to force everybody, including children in schools, everything else, under penalty of law, to believe in homosexual marriage.”

If you answered D, then you probably wake up every morning in tears wondering how early you can pop open your first beer to drown out the cynical thoughts.  You’re also right.  This was state senator Kent Lambert, who actually has a hand in crafting laws.  He said this on Gordon Klingenschmitt’s Pray in Jesus Name radio program, where nodding heads for the fruits of lunacy is a regular occurrence.

Anyway, people should believe in homosexual marriage, since it happens.  It’s a real thing.  What Lambert probably meant was that the civil union laws force kids to believe that marriage equality is a moral good.  While it’s true that marriage equality is a moral good, the law doesn’t force anybody to believe that.  Compare it to anti-racism laws: people can still be racist, they just can’t harm or discriminate against others on account of their racism.  Well gay-hating Christians can still hate as much as they’d like.  They can still think that LGBT folk deserve fewer rights than everybody else.  But it’s no more their right to create an unfair society than it is for the racist.

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