PA Atheist/Humanist Conference off to a great start.

PA Atheist/Humanist Conference off to a great start. September 14, 2013

Wow!  aspoiuaeoa;sdlfusadl;jsfd;lh!!!!

This conference is extremely professionally run.  Margaret Downey, Brian Fields, and the rest of the organizers/volunteers who put this together are kicking ass full-time.  There was a superstition party last night with broken mirrors, walking under ladders, dancing…the whole environment is very party/fun oriented, which has carried into today.

I got to meet Jamy Ian Swiss.  He is my kind of smartass.

And I’ve gotten to see old friends again…James Croft, David Tamayo, Dan Fincke, Seth Andrews…such good people.  And the attendees are all in good spirits.  This is just a great time.  I’ll live blog a few of the talks today.  My talk is in 45 minutes and I can’t wait to give it.

Also I’m wearing my Teemo hat all weekend.  It’s a hit.  😀

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