13 year-old in Arkansas kicked out of her home by her Christian parents.

13 year-old in Arkansas kicked out of her home by her Christian parents. November 20, 2013

My father sent this to me last night:

One of the folks in the Ar. Freethinkers group (Anne’s group) posted this. Any help out there you can suggest? “Today, my daughter’s teacher called my daughter into a conference room to help her talk to an 8th grade girl who just came out to her conservative Christian mom as an atheist yesterday. The girl’s mom had been badgering her for weeks asking her what religion she believes in. The girl finally just blurted out “I’m an atheist, mom!” The parents both freaked out and told her she can’t live in their house anymore if she doesn’t believe in their god. They told her she is no longer their daughter. My daughter read the text messages between the girl and her mom, and was shocked that someone could treat their own child that way. The girl just kept apologizing to her mom over text, and was crying hysterically at school. My daughter couldn’t offer any advice because she “lives in a coexisting home” as she put it. She didn’t know the girl before, but she will be there for her now.

I told my daughter that the mom is really showing the girl how most Christians really act. My only advice would cause more trouble; “tell her to ask her mom ‘what would Jesus do?'” But I’m a sarcastic bitch that way.

Since the teacher is involved, I really hope they will get social services involved and charge the parents with neglect or abandonment or something. After all, this is a 13 year old girl that is no longer welcome in her own home. I don’t know if the teacher is a Christian or not, but I really commend her for calling my daughter in to help.”

I know Anne Orsi follows the blog here, so any advice/help that can be offered would be wonderful.

It’s bad enough that a 13 year-old is out of house and home for no good reason.  It’s bad enough that faith can cause a mother to do this to her own daughter, all while believing it’s an expression of “love”.  But on top of it all, the brainwashing has gotten a young girl who doesn’t even believe in that faith to the point where she feels she must tearfully apologize to her failed mother for nothing more than who she is.

Religion…it makes us sorry to be ourselves.  And it can turn otherwise good people into monsters.

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