About 1% of pregnant women in the US claim to be virgins.

About 1% of pregnant women in the US claim to be virgins. December 18, 2013

It turns out that pregnant women claiming to be virgins isn’t that rare even today:

Nearly 1 per cent of young women in a U.S. study who have become pregnant claim to have done so as virgins, according to a report in the Christmas edition of Britain’s BMJ medical journal.

The authors of “Like a Virgin (Mother)” — whose prose is devoid of irony — say such scientifically impossible claims show researchers must use care in interpreting self-reported behaviour. Fallible memory, beliefs and wishes can cause people to err in what they tell scientists.

But one specific woman in an age when the taboo on sex outside of marriage was much, much stronger (and even punishable)?  There’s no way she was full of shit.

Tomorrow I’m off for Arkansas, so maybe some of the other writers here will chime in as I’ll be on the road for seven hours.  Happy holidays, everybody.  😀

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