Christian tells me of my grandfather’s deathbed conversion.

Christian tells me of my grandfather’s deathbed conversion. January 3, 2014

A woman by the name of Cindy Horton left a comment on the local article about the nativity scene yesterday.  I responded.

Cindy just deleted her comment, but she sent me the following message on facebook:

What a fucking vulture.  My commenters often have a gift for brevity that I do not.  As Glodson said: “Reading the attempt at emotional manipulation is chilling. And I would bet she really think it was a touching and loving message. It is twisted.”

Here’s what I wrote back:


You are a living reminder of what a pity it is that most terrible people will never realize just how terrible they are.

I’m not sure which is more contemptible: preying upon a dying man, when he is at his weakest, to convert him, or claiming his ghost’s allegiance to you in your interactions with his grandson.  Perhaps both are less contemptible still than asserting your guilt for both with a tone that suggests you’re oh-so-great rather than the heartless predator you are.  Either way, you are a despicable excuse for a human being.  If turning to your religion would make me anything like you, rest assured there is no price that would move me to do so.

As a person who writes of the dangers of religion for a living, I had thought that my animosity toward Christianity had reached its zenith.  Today, you have proven me wrong.  Through your slimy attempt to speak for my own grandfather while attempting to convert me to your religion, you have awoken in me soaring new levels of antipathy for Christianity on account of what it can turn people into.

How dare you?  How DARE you???  How dare you bring up my own grandfather in such a way?  How dare you attempt to use him when he is not here to speak for himself, and have the temerity to think the words “well wishes” could look anything like sincerity coming from you?  Fuck you.

I do not wish you well in life.  I would say that I hope someone, rather than trying to change your mind through reason and evidence, soon tries to use your loved ones to emotionally weaken you.  But I don’t wish that.  I’m better than that, better than you, and a damn sight better than a religion which demands I admire a man like Abraham who was willing to gut his own son at god’s command.  Perhaps that is the tale which convinced you that the dignity of other people’s loved ones is expendable in the service of your faith.  Your faith along with your shamelessness firmly confirms that the phrase “family values” is tainted every time it passes from the lips of you or anybody like you.

You disgust me.  I honestly don’t know how you live with yourself.  If someone like you deserves heaven, then god has a sense of fairness eclipsed by that of a toddler.

For the sake of seeing the Constitution protected, I was going to be happy to see the nativity scene gone (or equality realized by other groups being allowed in as well), either by the decision of the county or by losing a lawsuit that was lost before it started.  But now I will be a little happier knowing that it will sting you, personally.  It won’t be anywhere close to the pain inflicted by wielding a person’s deceased loved ones like an ideological weapon, but it will be a little bit.  That will have to be enough for me.



What a curr.

Here’s how the conversation ended:

Because I wanted one of us to be sincere.

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