The top 10 anti-Christian acts of 2013

The top 10 anti-Christian acts of 2013 January 8, 2014

Christina here…

It’s that time again! The website has put out their list of the “Top 10 Anti-Christian Events” of 2013. DefendChristians defines this list as the: “top 10 most egregious acts of anti-Christian defamation, discrimination and persecution in America.”

Each year I go over their list to show my readers exactly what the viewers of this website constitute acts of defamation, discrimination and persecution of Christians. Here we go!

#10:  “Quentin Tarantino parody” on the life of Jesus Christ, entitled “Djesus Uncrossed”, showing a fake movie trailer of Jesus engaging in extreme violence and shocking profanity.

Here is the parody video:

Okay so… The “shocking profanity” is the use of the word “ass” and also “damn”.

Yes, this parody video does show Jesus with a sword and guns going around killing people. Hey wait.. didn’t Jesus himself say, “I did not come to bring peace but a sword”? I’m pretty sure he did.

I hardly think this parody counts as an egregious act of defamation, discrimination or persecution in America. It’s satire. Every group of people gets satirized – gays, vegetarians, bacon-eaters, Muslims, Christians, atheists, Librarians, Liberals – everyone. Having a group you’re a part of satirized is part of simply being alive. Thicker skin: you should grow some.

9. The unveiling of an IRS scheme that harassed conservative organizations, including

Maybe DefendChristians was scrutinized but there was no scheme to harass conservative organizations. The IRS used Keyword shortcuts to find political organizations and looked for words like, “Tea Party”, “Patriot” , “Occupy” and “Progressive”.  – it targeted overly political organizations, not specifically conservative ones.

8. California bill stripping youth organizations of their tax exemption unless they allow for openly homosexual members.

That’s because discriminating against youth based on their sexual orientation is not nice and also against the law in some instances, and the bill says that if you get a tax exemption privileges for your organization, you should comply with nondiscrimination laws.

Really, some people need to learn that prohibiting an organization from discriminating against others is not some kind of discrimination and/or defamation and/or persecution. These bills aim to prevent persecution.

7. Air Force Technical Sergeant Layne Wilson faced sudden termination after he complained to a Air Force chaplain over the use of the Christian chapel for a homosexual “wedding”.

He was reprimanded for insubordination – an insubordination which included condemning his superiors for using a chapel for a wedding he didn’t like. In the military, anybody will be reprimanded for condemning their superiors over anything, whether it’s regarding something religious or not. This is not an issue of a Christian being defamed, discriminated against or persecuted – it’s an issue of a member of the air force discriminating against homosexuals in a way that also is insubordinate to his superior officers.

6. California bill allowing “transgender” public school students to pick which bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams of which to be apart.

I cannot come up with even the slightest justification for why this is some anti-Christian act. Also, stop using quotes around the word transgender, Dr. Microaggression.

5. Boy Scouts caving to the immense pressure from radical homosexuals to allow homosexuals into the organization.

*Begin sarcasm* Wow, yeah. That’s so radical. Allowing homosexuals to join organizations. What’s next, letting them eat lunch in the same section as Christians? Those poor poor Christians. How will they survive such an egregious act of defamation, discrimination or persecution in America? *end sarcasm*

I don’t see how not discriminating against homosexuals = discrimination of Christians. I really don’t.

4. Southern Poverty Law Center partnering with Marines’ training on extremism and labeling pro-family organizations as “Christian terrorists.

The link DefendChristians has leading to this story doesn’t even provide a source. I think they are talking about this incident, in which a training instructor listed various religious groups as “religious extremism” on a slide in a presentation. Of course, the military did not condone the slide and later said that the slide does not reflect the Army’s policy or doctrine. The Southern Poverty Law Center did not partner with the army – an individual made the slide after doing research on the internet. He also later deleted it from his presentation and apologized.

So yeah. Maybe this was an act of defamation, but it was hardly an egregious one.

3. US Senate passing Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a bill that would allow for cross-dressing teachers in public schools and punish Christian businesses and institutions for not hiring homosexuals.

This is yet another instance of Christians feeling like preventing them from discriminating against homosexuals is some kind of discrimination. It’s not. Imagine if I, an occupational therapist, refused to do a home health visit with any patient of mine who was known to be a Christian. If my boss fired me for discriminating against Christians or told me I had to take those patients even if they had Bibles and crosses in their homes, nobody would think it was I who was being discriminated against.

Besides which, Religious organizations are provided an exception from the bill.

2. Supreme Court ruling that the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional.

Not discriminating against homosexuals does not = discrimination against Christians.

1. Obamacare requiring Christian businesses and institutions to fund abortions.

This only discriminates against Christians in the same way that it also discriminated against Jehovah’s Witnesses for funding blood transfusions. Also, it doesn’t require that businesses fund abortions.

So that’s that. If anything, the top 10 most egregious acts of anti-Christian discrimination, defamation and persecution shows that Christians aren’t being persecuted in America at all.

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