Mother: “Jesus told me to put my baby on the railroad tracks.”

Mother: “Jesus told me to put my baby on the railroad tracks.” February 19, 2014

The god of Abraham strikes again.

A Colorado woman told police that Jesus Christ pulled her two-week-old baby from her arms and laid the child on train tracks, KKTV-TV reported on Tuesday.

31-year-old Jennifer Sloan was accused of attempted first-degree murder following the incident in Pueblo on Feb. 14. KKTV reported at the time that witnesses saw Sloan leave the newborn girl on the tracks, in front of a train that was about to depart.

Thankfully the child was spotted and rescued: both from the train and from its mother:

A train conductor notified workers about the child being on the tracks. She was pulled away by two city workers and was not injured. The child is currently in foster care.

Of course the police and any judge won’t believe her.  Neither will any Christian – not because they think it’s batty to think that a man rose from the dead and walked on water, that’s perfectly fine – but because it’s just plain silly to think that the man who rose from the dead and walked on water would ever ask a woman to kill her baby.  Oh sure, the man who rose from the dead’s dad would command a man to gut his son (Abraham), and Abraham was a great guy because he agreed without question.  But putting a baby on the railroad tracks?  What kind of sense does that make?

Maybe there is a god out there commanding people to kill their children (if you believe the stories of Abraham and Jephthah, you surely can’t deny this).  Even if such a god exists and he tells you to kill your child, do you know what the proper answer is?  Fuck no, and fuck you.

And if you think Abraham made the right call, you lose any right to criticize this lady.  That’s reserved for people with enough compassion to ascend the moral high ground, and that ain’t you.

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