Pat Robertson: the left-wing is where the fanatics are.

Pat Robertson: the left-wing is where the fanatics are. March 27, 2014

Pat Robertson wants you to know that he’s the one with “good sense of the world.”  The left wing though, that’s where the extremists and fanatics are:

“The president has been willing to destroy the health supply of our entire nation to accommodate the left-wing, this is left-wing ideology and we’ve got to resist it. You’ll find it in terms of the labor market, you’ll find it in terms of environmentalism. The left are people who are filled with this righteous zeal, they’re zealots and they don’t have a balanced perspective on life. Whenever they get in charge of something, they ruin it.”

He later remarked that “extremists” and “fanatics” run the Democratic Party: “They’re not facing reality, that’s what these extremists do, they don’t face reality, and those of us who have any kind of sense about the world that we live in have got to stand up against these fanatics because they are fanatics but unfortunately they control one of the major parties in America.”

Obama is willing to destroy the health supply of our entire nation…by making sure everybody has access to it.  Right.

What’s more, nobody who supported George W. Bush gets to complain about the left wing ruining everything they’re in charge of.

And nobody insisting that a Canaanite Jew rose from the dead and is going to fix all our problems if we just believe gets to say their opponents don’t face reality.

And as far as fanatics go, how fanatical are we talking?  Are we talking “Gay people will put the reproduction of the human species in jeopardy if we let them marry” fanatical?  Are we talking “Watching porn/horror movies gives car-wrecking demons permission to possess you” fanatical?  Or maybe he means “Humanism leads to Nazis and guillotines” fanatical.  Surely the left isn’t “some in the gay community…want to get people so if they got [AIDS] they’ll have a ring, you shake hands, and the ring’s got a little thing where you cut your finger.  Really. It’s that kind of vicious stuff, which would be the equivalent of murder” fanatical?  At least the left isn’t, hopefully, “Dungeons & Dragons destroys people’s lives” fanatical…right?

Pat Robertson calling other people fanatics and extremists is like Rick James lamenting how everybody else has a coke habit.

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