Camp Quest Oklahoma desperately needs more male counselors.

Camp Quest Oklahoma desperately needs more male counselors. April 27, 2014

Someone affiliated with CQOK left this unfortunate message on my facebook the other day:

Last night, I received a phone call from West Ruffin, Director of Camp Quest Oklahoma. Apparently, they have a major shortage of male councilors this year, and are in desperate need of volunteers. If they don’t get them, then up to 30 male children who have signed up for this year’s camp will have to be turned away.

Camp Quest is a wonderful organization and event, not only for the fun the kids have, but for the social aspect. Especially here in the very religious Midwest, secular kids often feel somewhat alone, even amongst their friends and classmates. For many attendees, Camp Quest is the only place where they get to socialize with like minded peers and without fear of being bullied or ostracized if their beliefs become known. It would be a tragedy for so many to miss out, simply because of a lack of support from the adult community.

Please share this status, and if you or any of your male friends are able and willing to volunteer, PLEASE contact CQOK Director West Ruffin at

I wish I could personally help.  Camp Quest Oklahoma runs from June 8-14 and that is simply too close to my wedding date – otherwise I’d be there in a heartbeat.  Perhaps some of you in Oklahoma could help out?  I’ve been a counselor at Camp Quest a couple of times now and it is something I will do again in the future.  It’s an efficient program, an essential program, and I promise it will be a memorable and fulfilling experience to anybody who volunteers (at CQOK or any other CQ).

I hope they find the counselors they need.


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