How to Write for JT’s Blog

How to Write for JT’s Blog June 24, 2014

We are really excited to be given the chance to write for JT’s blog – and we know many others are too! Since there are many aspiring writers out there, we’ve decided to jump in and give some helpful advice on how to write creative, thoughtful posts worthy of an established blogging platform such as What Would JT Do.

How does one compose a well-organized blog post that conveys information clearly, paints dynamic pictures in the mind of the reader, and entices the audience? It can be a little overwhelming to dive into blogging without having a few directions, but fear not! We’ve combined our years of experience with writing and blogging to provide a step-by-step guide for all those ambitious guest bloggers out there.

Step 1: Brainstorm

There are no bad ideas in brainstorming!

Poor Syria :-(

Get your creative juices flowing!

Creativity is liquid... right?

Pick an idea.

Good Job Team!

Step 2: Research

Only use reputable sources.

Next topic: Sarah Palin, Demonic Warfare, and Bad Logic

Take extensive notes.

Big pencil = big ideas

Step 3: Take a break

Breaks can provide much needed mental respite and an opportunity to get some “creativity” flowing.


Step 4: Outline & Organize

Organize your ideas.


But keep the creativity flowing.

Always have a back-up.

Step 5: Take another break

Get dinner! You need sustenance to keep writing.

Breakfast of Champions... but dinner.

Celebrate getting invited to write for JT.

Cheers to the work we haven't done yet!

Add “creativity.”

You can never have too much creativity!

Step 6: Go for a swim

Practice water safety.

What could go wrong?

Keep being creative.



Step 7: Umm…


Step 8: Remove your dead friend

Liz is way too happy about this..

Be respectful, and practice safe handling of biohazard materials.

Remember kids, always clean up after yourself!

Bond over having to share a secret.

Step 9: Get a good night’s sleep

Seriously, some of us work in the morning.

Irish Yoga

Step 10: …Blog?

worst hangover ever. Maybe these steps should be reconsidered...

As you can see, blogging is always an adventure. Stay safe, and good luck!

Keep an eye out for the Shayrah Show, coming in two weeks… or a year… or whenever.

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