Matt Dillahunty hands Sye Ten Bruggencate the beating for which he begged.

Matt Dillahunty hands Sye Ten Bruggencate the beating for which he begged. June 3, 2014

Ordinarily I don’t enjoy watching a professional in anything stomp the shit out of somebody of significantly lesser talent who only got a shot at the title because they made enough noise.  But because Sye Ten Bruggencate is such a loathsome person, I really enjoyed watching Matt Dillahunty slap him around:

From his first argument it’s clear that Sye is out of place on that stage.  His initial argument is:

Premise 1: It’s reasonable to believe what’s true.

Premise 2: It’s true that god exists.

Gee…how will Matt deal with that one?  Sye followed it up with literally nine minutes of quote mining.

There’s a story that didn’t make it onto the tape, but to which I am privy because I’m friends with Matt and, well, girls talk.  Sye did not like Sarah Morehead (who is literally the kindest woman on planet earth, look it up), the woman who organized the debate.  His ongoing tantrum included refusing to let her treat him to dinner with the rest of the participants, going after her from the stage for not giving Sye the format he wanted (this was in the video, and the format Sye wanted was an unmoderated forum…presumably where he could monopolize the conversation),  refusing repeatedly to “share the stage” if Sarah was onstage, refusing to acknowledge the event was sponsored by Recovering From Religion, refusing to be on Dogma Debate if Sarah was on during his segment.  Then, after the debate, Sye refused to have a single picture taken if Sarah was in it (the photographer wanted one with Matt, Sarah, and Sye).  The photographer then said something to him like “C’mon man, don’t be an asshole.”  Sye turned to Matt and complained that the photographer said he was being an asshole, to which Matt responded “You’re being an asshole.”

Matt then proceeded to announce to the remaining attendees in the hall that he thinks Sye is an asshole who he will not debate again and doesn’t want to hear from again.  I can’t say I blame him – what a child.  Sye is a man who got 15 minutes in the reflected glory of a professional debater by throwing enough metaphorical rocks at the right people.  It’s time for him to limp back to obscurity.

It occurs to me that Sye Ten Bruggencate is Ike Clanton:

Sye called down the thunder and he got it.

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