NA LCS open thread.

NA LCS open thread. June 14, 2014

For those who play League of Legends (and watch the pros) here’s a thread to chat today.

The only game that shouldn’t be an all-out romp today is the first game between TSM and C9.  C9 hasn’t been on top of their game, but I think they’ll come back strong.  TSM just looks lost.  Everybody thought the biggest hit would be the loss of Xpecial, a previous all-star, especially since he’s been replaced by Gleeb who, let’s face it, is not LCS ready.  But I think the biggest loss for TSM (and I thought it at the time) is not having TheOddOne.  Yes, Amazing is better mechanically (but not nearly as good as he was supposed to be), but OddOne’s map management skills were among the best in the world, and you can really see how much they miss his ability to derive information from the map.  What’s more, TheOddOne had a champion pool as deep as the ocean.  Amazing, on the other hand, can be completely banned out.  As an ex-TSM fan (can’t stand what Reggie’s been doing lately), I never thought I’d see myself rooting for C9 in this match up.

EG looked strong against C9, but I think it was a fluke.  Krepo continues to play well, and Helios is definitely a good player, but there’s just too much team turmoil.  LMQ is just a juggernaut right now.  I think LMQ wins in 25 minutes.

Dignitas is on a mission.  Curse is just plain bad right now.  Xpecial is playing better than ever, he clearly has a lot to prove individually, but there’s simply not enough talent on Curse to capitalize (which sucks, because I want to see Xpecial succeed).  Dignitas is too hot to lose this one.  What’s more, I think Dignitas may have the most individual talent in the NA scene right now.  As they learn to work with each other as a team I think they will get even better.

Complexity has the raw talent to score upsets (they did beat C9), but their teamwork is abysmal.  The focus of the team’s power was supposed to be Pr0lly in the mid lane, but it’s actually been RobertXLee and Bubbadub in the bottom lane.  This is not good for Complexity since CLG’s bottom lane is far and away the best in North America.  CLG (my new favorite team) rolls.

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