Pastor scars child by burning him with hot stones in order to expel demons.

Pastor scars child by burning him with hot stones in order to expel demons. June 16, 2014

In Ghana a pastor and his assistant have been convicted of using hot stones to brutally burn a nine year-old boy in order to expel demons from him:

A pastor and his assistant who used heated stones to burn the body of a nine-year-old boy at Mankessim in the Central Region under the pretext of exorcising a demonic spirit out of him have been sentenced to a 15-year jail term each with hard labour.

The pastor, Kojo Affram, alias Osofo Kojo Abraham, 41, and his assistant, Yaw Nkansa, 28, both of the Holy Church of Ghana, pleaded guilty with explanation.

Why did the father think his son was possessed?  Well, the kid ran away from home and started crawling at a young age.  What other logical conclusion were there?

About three months ago, the victim left home unceremoniously and could not be found for two days.

She said knowing Osofo Abraham as a friend and prophet of God, Mr Nyame approached him and asked for prayers for the return of his son.

Fortunately for Mr Nyame, his son returned home that very day when Osofo Abraham happened to be visiting his friend.

She said Osofo Abraham ordered Mr Nyame to send the boy to his (Osofo Abraham’s) prayer camp for spiritual deliverance because he believed the victim was possessed by a demonic spirit.

Out of fear of losing his son, the prosecutor said, Mr Nyame sent his son to Osofo Abraham to cleanse him of the demonic spirit.

Inspector Sampong said Osofo Abraham kept the boy at his prayer camp and when Mr Nyame visited the camp one day to see his son, he saw him firmly held onto three big heated stones on the ground and covered with a mat and a cloth.

She told the court that the boy had already gone through that ordeal twice and on both occasions he had screamed for help before he was freed, after suffering burns all over his body.

She said realising the deformity caused to his son, Mr Nyame lodged a complaint at the police station, leading to the arrest of Osofo Abraham and Nkansa.

In his explanation, Osofo Abraham told the court that Mr Nyame had approached him to cast out a spirit which he (Mr Nyame) believed had been tormenting his son.

He said Mr Nyame had told him that the boy started crawling just a month after he was born and that the father believed was not normal.

Gee, why would the kid ever want to run away from that home?  And obviously, everybody knows the way to get rid of demons is by brutalizing the afflicted child.  That’s in the bible, right?

Man, it’s a good thing they exorcised the demons, otherwise the demons might have done something completely evil like burned the boy with hot stones such that he needed plastic surgery.  Thank god these loving devotees of Christ were there to save the boy from those evil demons.  It’s strange the police got there first, before god could come down and clear up the confusion.  God can be bothered to come down and tell Abraham to murder his son, but just couldn’t squeeze in a trip to earth to tell this pastor and his assistant not to torture a nine year-old.

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