Premature 6,000,000 hits party.

Premature 6,000,000 hits party. June 15, 2014

Hey everybody.  Back when I was with Freethoughtblogs I was generally their third most-read blog on most days (behind PZ Myers and Ed Brayton).  I remember starting out at about 95,000 hits per month, which is still pretty solid in the blogging world, then watching as my daily traffic eclipsed high-traffic blogs like Greta Christina’s.  It wasn’t long before my traffic was double what it had been when I started.  I recall being right behind Ophelia Benson in reaching the three million lifetime hits mark.  She was the third on the network to get there, but she had (I think) an eight a month head start on me (thanks Dan Fincke, I thought Ophelia came on earlier) and it took me just under a year and a half to get there.

Then I moved to Patheos on September 5, 2012.  Since then the blog has continued to grow.  At random yesterday I decided to look at the lifetime hits for the site.  Right now it’s about 7,500 views away from the six million mark.  If this were a weekday with the normal amount of posts, I’d say we’d hit it easily.  However, in a few hours I’m going to be giving a talk to the local freethinkers here in my hometown which certainly needs any injection of atheism/freethought (most of them, literally, are closeted for fear of reprisal from the locals), which means I’m hanging it up for the day after this post.

But tomorrow we should hit six million views.  As always I cannot thank you all enough.  I love what I do for a living, I love sharing my life and my thoughts with all of you.  It is thanks to you that I am so lucky.  Big hugs to everybody and thanks for making this happen.  We’ve done ok for 21 months.  🙂

How should we celebrate?

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