The vow.

The vow. June 29, 2014

By birth every man and every woman enters into an arrangement with the universe.  We get our existence and, in exchange we produce something the universe cannot make itself – we create memories.  You may think the universe gets the better of the deal since it gets all that I am in my memories and can enjoy them forever, while my own existence is fleeting.  But somewhere during my time with you I have become convinced that I am the lucky one, for my brief moment in the cosmos alongside you is more valuable than infinity.

Whether it is a supernova or you, my love, the most spectacular parts of the universe have always defied eternity.  By that light it’s fitting that our time will be so brief (on a galactic scale).  It would be the only way to do justice to memories such as ours.

I’m married. 😀

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