Your Morning Happi… HUSKY DOSE OF AWESOME!

Your Morning Happi… HUSKY DOSE OF AWESOME! June 23, 2014

Hey all you JT readers!!! I guess I’ll kick off the guest blogging since it IS technically morning for me here now(Miami), and the actual “wake up go to work” mornings are always a bit hectic for me!

I’m a reader/lurker of various blogs dealing with religion and science, and read JT’s blog before he migrated here. Being a gamer of sorts, I happened to meet JT on twitter/while playing Guild Wars 2(I think twitter was first, and you can all reach me there @OnyxOny), and have been friendly with him ever since!

My boyfriend and I were the proud owners of two huskies, the 2nd of which having just passed a few months ago. I love animals in general, fuzzy or not (Baby_Raptor send me that lizard pic), so like Fox “News” this will be a fair and balanced week of huskies cuteness in the animal kingdom, to make us all smile!

The atheist/skeptic movement has a large contingent of sci-fi fans… so I figured I’d start off the cuteness with a meme, and some gorgeous eyed huskies!

FACT: Huskies are atheists, they run the fucking universe!

Parti-eyed huskies, like our late old girl was,  are actually pretty common…

The Spice apparently resides in tasty vines….

This last pic just seems like a once in a lifetime shot… captured purely by luck… I love it! Also reminds me of a certain meme with a cat “over” watching how people spend some of their alone time in bed……. If you, dear readers are so inclined, tweet me some “Fence Peeping Husky…” type meme pics to be posted!


Husky Pack Mission Of The Day: A random act of kindness to someone with a purple shirt.

(Cuz lets be honest, who wears purple in summer? They need the help!)


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