Your Morning Happiness: Social Media Friends!

Your Morning Happiness: Social Media Friends! June 28, 2014

I’m sure all of have found that social media is powerful tool when it comes to being able to connect with people of similar belief systems. I’ve met a ton of people I could mention, but this one in particular fits the theme here….

I’m pretty sure I came across Molly when Hemant had tweeted something or other to her, and I clicked on her profile. Back then she was still a college student, and had a series of youtube videos I still adore.  I loved her wit, sarcasm, and dry sense of humor. Although she no longer makes videos(/poke Molly), the hilarity still persists on twitter, often revolving around her dog Tessa.

One of my favorite recent tweets…

Some funny tweets involving The Tessa Beast as I call her;

Sock Thief

Nest Building

Lastly, her youtube channel can be found aherrr –>

Oh, she loves dinosaurs like I love Huskies! Ask her about Bartholomew! He’s purple.





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