Boehner opposes Obamacare, and is suing Obama for not implementing it sooner.

Boehner opposes Obamacare, and is suing Obama for not implementing it sooner. July 28, 2014

The Republicans are a strange lot.  In what is obviously a stunt to every political analyst (and every non-political analyst), John Boehner announced a few weeks ago that he was going to sue the President.  He didn’t know what he was going to sue the President for at the time (in his op-ed on CNN Boehner hinted that he was suing Obama because the GOP wasn’t getting its way), but he sure knew he was gonna do it.

Now they’ve decided: they’re going to sue Obama for delaying the implementation of the Affordable Care Act until some of the kinks were worked out:

“On the advice of legal experts, the House action will focus on his decision to extend — twice — the deadline to institute the employer mandate in his health care law. We believe this targeted lawsuit offers the best chance of success,” the Ohio Republican wrote in an op-ed for USA Today published online Sunday.

It should be noted that the “best shot at victory” is still only a Planck length away from zero.

But people following this will immediately recall that the Republicans in the House have voted to delay implementation of the ACA, have fought to stop its implementation, etc., over and over and over again.  They’ve done this pretty much non-stop.  Now they’re suing the President for doing what they’ve wanted to do?


Boehner reiterated his opposition to the employer mandate, a provision of Obamacare which the president unilaterally delayed, highlighting the political awkwardness of the lawsuit for Republicans.

“I oppose the employer mandate in the president’s health care law. The House of Representatives has voted to delay or eliminate it (and we will do so again if we prevail in court),” he wrote. “But it is the letter of the law that was passed by Congress and signed by President Obama. He simply cannot unilaterally rewrite it.”

“What the President did?  Yeah, we voted to do that, and would vote to do it again.  But we’re suing him for it.”  I just…huh?

And these are the people who want reform so our “over-worked courts” are less congested with frivolous lawsuits.  It’s like they’re straining for hypocrisy.

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