Diocese of Milwaukee just can’t spare the money for legal fees.

Diocese of Milwaukee just can’t spare the money for legal fees. July 30, 2014

The arch diocese of Milwaukee is having a rough decade.  Most of it stems from Timothy Dolan, who was in the running to be the next pope, shuffling around child-raping priests.  The diocese was then sued by several of the victims and, in order to protect the money (i.e., to avoid compensating the victims), Dolan moved a great deal of the diocese’s money into a cemetery fund and then had the diocese declare bankruptcy.  All this because the Catholic Church is a moral bastion for the world.

Initially the families sued the diocese for its money-hiding shenanigans, but the judge ruled that the cemetery fund could not be re-absorbed to the church because having to pay its victims could shut down the diocese, which would burden their exercise of religion.  I’m not joking.  It’s being appealed and I expect it to be overturned.

Anyway, it’s time for their bankruptcy proceedings in which Judge Susan Kelley will have to ascertain if the diocese has the money to pay the attorney’s fees in all their lost lawsuits.  The diocese says they just don’t have the money:

Kelley agreed more than a year ago that the archdiocese would not have to pay legal fees while its bankruptcy case was pending so it could keep enough cash on hand to cover at least one month’s bills. Bankruptcy law requires the archdiocese to pay legal fees for itself and its creditors.

In this case, most creditors are victims of clergy sexual abuse.

Their attorneys say the archdiocese has more cash than anticipated, and they’d like to get paid. The lawyers say they are owed more than $2 million.

Because if there’s one organization that’s really hurting for cash, it’s the Catholic Church.  I know, maybe they can ask the people who live in this building if they could rustle up some change:

Yes, that’s real gold. Nothing but the finest for an organization that preaches the evil of opulence.

Or maybe ask daddy if he could float the diocese a pittance to compensate the victims of the Church’s crimes?  Or hell, I doubt the Pope is ignorant of these dealings, perhaps he could even volunteer the money.  It wouldn’t make a dent in the Church’s ledger.  Even if it would, maybe they could sell a single piece of furniture in the interest of taking care of the people they’ve wronged:

Pope Francis Throne 1sm
The new pope’s throne. Francis was praised for how humble his throne is by comparison to his predecessor’s.

Nope?  Nothing?  We have money to gild our halls in gold, but just can’t spare any for the children raped in our care.  Sorry guys.  Hey, try asking Jesus.


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