Matt Dillahunty making videos on Patreon.

Matt Dillahunty making videos on Patreon. July 28, 2014

It’s not a secret that I think Matt Dillahunty is one of the best debaters and ambassadors for atheism.  If there’s anybody in the entire world who should be making money to be a vocal atheist, I very well might pick him.  That’s why I passionately encourage you to swing by his new Patreon page.  He’ll be doing live videos as well as making videos about debate tactics and rebuttals to popular religious arguments.

With this Patreon project I’m going to be producing better content aimed at teaching people how to better recognize and respond to arguments – and you can help!

I’m going to start with comprehensive treatments of not just the classical arguments for the existence of god but all of the common apologetic arguments and claims that you’re likely to hear from believers, including appeals to prophecy, tradition, popularity and more.

Your support will allow me to not only produce the video content I plan to work on, it’ll also allow me to dedicate more time to writing books, delivering lectures and engaging in formal debates.

I’m not wealthy, but I’m going to at least get in for a dollar each video.  Most of us could probably do that, and it’d be well worth it.

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