Over 100 GOP ex-lawmakers endorse Democrat opponent to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback.

Over 100 GOP ex-lawmakers endorse Democrat opponent to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback. July 21, 2014

It’s a hard knock life for Sam Brownback, the Tea Party governor of Kansas.  He’s gotten to do everything the Tea Party has ever wanted: tax cuts on top of tax cuts (especially for the rich), spending cuts (especially with education), and pretty much everything else in the Tea Party playbook.  How’s it working out?  As a resident of Kansas I can safely way not fucking very well:

For one thing, there’s been no burst of new hiring in Kansas. As Barro noted, job growth in the state “has been modest since he signed the bill, trailing the national average and the rate in three of its four neighboring states.”

For another, Kansas’ finances are a disaster. We recently learned that the state’s bond rating was downgraded in part due to tax breaks Kansas can’t afford. A Businesweek report added, “[T]he immediate effect has been to blow a hole in the state’s finances without noticeable economic growth.”

Brownback thought he was creating a template for other states to follow. Instead the far-right governor has created a case study in what not to do.

Christopher Ingraham flagged a candid assessmentof the Kansas plan published by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

“In truth, Kansas is a cautionary tale, not a model,” the CBPP found. “As other states recover from the recent recession and turn toward the future, Kansas’ huge tax cuts have left that state’s schools and other public services stuck in the recession, and declining further – a serious threat to the state’s long-term economic vitality. Meanwhile, promises of immediate economic improvement have utterly failed to materialize.”

Which is probably why over 100 Republicans who are ex-lawmakers in the state of Kansas have endorsed Paul Davis, the Democrat challenger to Brownback:

Republicans for Kansas Values, a group of more than 100 former lawmakers and GOP officials, including two former lieutenant governors and a former congresswoman, announced their support for Davis on Tuesday.

“All of us are proud Republicans. We came together because of our common love of Kansas, our commitment to Kansas families, and our belief in moderate, commonsense leadership,” former state Sen. Wint Winter said in a statement for the group. “We are deeply concerned by the direction Sam Brownback is taking Kansas. Today we announce our opposition to his re-election.”

When even the GOP can see that you’re fucking things up (mostly by doing the same stuff they support in their national platform), you’ve REALLY fucked things up.  Not even George W. Bush managed that much.

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