Your morning happiness: Children of Eden.

Your morning happiness: Children of Eden. August 11, 2014

Your morning happiness today is a performance of the musical Children of Eden.  Stephen Schwartz is among the most famous composers in musical theater, noted for the blockbuster hit musicals Pippin, Godspell, Wicked, and others.

Children of Eden, I think, is one of his best, but it’s flown under the radar over the years. It’s based upon the tales of Adam and Eve and of Noah in the book of Genesis.  Perhaps the reason it’s not become more mainstream is that it manages to piss off everyone.  Atheists probably don’t like the bible-based story, and religious people probably don’t like it because it portrays god (often referred to as “Father” for plot reasons) as flawed figure who grows, learns, and accepts his mistakes watching his children over the centuries, eventually coming to the conclusion of humankind “I cannot hold you until at last I set you free” (suggesting he has abandoned humankind to live with only the penalties they bring upon themselves, i.e. no hell).  The musical also suggests that Adam, Eve, and all their progeny were right and good for indulging their curiosity in defiance of god.

In short, the heroes are the humans, not god.


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