Bryan Fischer: everybody is instinctively repulsed by homosexuality.

Bryan Fischer: everybody is instinctively repulsed by homosexuality. August 22, 2014

It starts with god, according to Bryan Fischer.  When god sees two men/two women getting it on he recoils in disgust…and presumably that’s why two people who love each other shouldn’t be able to marry, because that’s sure to stop them from having sex:

If god finds it so repulsive, why did he make me find this so freaking hot?

Maybe I just need to look at this image longer for the revulsion to set in…

Oodles of money is made selling lesbian porn, and that money isn’t just appearing out of thin air.  People are buying this stuff, which suggests two things:

1.  They want it.  A lot.

2.  I’m not the only person god tainted with enjoyment at watching two women smooch.  In fact, many of the people buying this stuff are in the exact same spaces as a lot of Fischer’s listener base:

Residents of 27 states that passed laws banning gay marriages boasted 11% more porn subscribers than states that don’t explicitly restrict gay marriage.

And that goes for gay porn too.  According to Pornhub, Mississippi has the highest percentage of users viewing gay porn, at 5.58 percent.   Louisiana and Georgia are right behind Mississippi (if you know what I mean).  Throughout the South, “lesbian” is always one of the top terms searched for on Pornhub (more so than “tits”, “boobs”, and “blowjob”).  God may not like it, but he seems to have put the instinct in plenty of people (men and women) to enjoy this stuff no matter how much Jesus they try to inject as an antidote.

But Fischer seems to think nobody likes that stuff:

“When God sees it, it causes him to recoil. And when we think about the actual act of homosexuality, we have exactly the same reaction. Most people think about that, they don’t want to think about that, they don’t want to visualize it because it is disgusting. And if people aren’t politically conditioned to accept it, their natural reaction is that’s just not normal, that’s just not natural, that’s not what human beings were designed for, that’s not what they were made for.”

News flash, Bryan: if everybody was repulsed by guy/guy or girl/girl action, you wouldn’t be having to try and outlaw gay marriage.  Nobody would be doing it.  And even if everybody was repulsed by gay sex, so what?  I think mayonnaise is disgusting, but I have no interest in outlawing mayo for everybody else or insisting that people who like mayo can’t eat anything but the foods I like.  That would be stupid.

But it’s not true.  Some people’s reaction of lust to people of the same sex is enough to make them choose to commit to sexual exclusivity with someone of the same sex for the duration of their lives.  That’s about as natural as it gets.  I mean you have to be really committed to your position to look at all these people choosing to engage in same-sex relations, watching gay/lesbian porn (both openly and secretively to avoid religious shame), and think: nope, they all hate it, they’re just sneaking away to watch gay porn because society tells them to be proud of it.  You have to be committed and really dense for that to make any kind of sense.

And even if finding the same sex attractive weren’t natural, so fucking what?  Pierced ears aren’t natural and nobody gives a fuck.  Being close with someone of the same sex makes LGBT people happy (and sells pornography to straight people)!  Let ’em have their fun even if it’s not your cup of tea.  Let them love, even if what they love in a person isn’t your cup of tea.  I don’t insist that you only love big-eyed nerdy atheists, so you don’t get to decree that I only love women with a one-book library who thinks maximizing sexual pleasure is achieved with  missionary position (or whatever Bryan Fischer’s personal preferences are).  It doesn’t pick your pocket at all when people listen to their own heart to guide their personal lives, and you have no right to insist that you are the better arbiter of what makes another person happy.

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