LGBT continue to face violence and murder in Uganda. Many going into hiding.

LGBT continue to face violence and murder in Uganda. Many going into hiding. August 19, 2014

Gays continue to be executed by the public in Uganda:

Six LGBT persons have been stoned to death in rural Uganda, it has been revealed.

The six, three gay men, two lesbians and a transperson, were reportedly stoned to death according to a press statement released this week by two organisations.

“They were killed by stoning. One who survived (still breathing after stoning) was burnt alive using kerosene/paraffin and a match box,” stated a witness and source to the Friends New Underground Railroad (FNUR), a Quaker solidarity initiative helping LGBT people in Uganda.

A seventh gay man was reported to have been attacked by a mob and died a day later from head injuries.

Stoning them to death?  Where would people have gotten the idea that killing gays is a moral thing to do?  Where would they have gotten the idea that doing it via stoning was the way to go?  (Hint: both are in the bible and Uganda is a largely Christian population).

Now swaths of gays are going into hiding, and for good reason:

It is further reported the killings come when Uganda repealed the Anti Homosexuality Act (AHA) that was ruled null by a three judge Constitutional bench.

In addition, ”the climate worsened after 200 Ugandan LGBT activists and allies celebrated the repeal of AHA at the 3rd annual Uganda Pride at an Entebbe beach party last week”, contend local sources.

Several participants said they had received threats and gone back into hiding. Some requested help to leave Uganda.

This country is awash in Christianity which, we’re told, will bring prosperity to a nation when it’s the law of the land and held in the hearts of the populace.  But if that’s true, why is Uganda a land of discrimination, poor decisions, and bloodthirst drawn directly from the pages of Exodus?

And how many Christians right here in America, I wonder, envy Uganda and consider it a society to emulate instead of a cesspool of barbarism, on account of their intoxication with Jesus…


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