Saudi Arabia officials put out call to arrest atheist bloggers.

Saudi Arabia officials put out call to arrest atheist bloggers. August 19, 2014

Man, am I glad the theocrats haven’t gained control of the United States government, otherwise it might look like Saudi Arabia where atheist bloggers are being arrested and corrections officers think atheist activists should be shot for treason (wait, that one was in the US.  Shit.):

Saudi Arabia’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has asked the interior ministry to arrest several people for apostasy and atheism.

The commission did not divulge the number of people whose arrest it requested, but it said that they insulted God and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

A commission literally named for the promotion of virtue deems it morally appropriate to arrest someone for their honest opinion.  If you’re relying on your intellect, you pursue curiosity, you entertain opposing ideas, and eventually you realize that compassion must be given authority over dogma.  If you’re ruled by religion, your intellect to some degree goes out the window – and in cases like in Saudi Arabia, it goes out the window so much that even considering other ideas is a punishable offense.

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