Your morning happiness : Denton, USA.

Your morning happiness : Denton, USA. August 29, 2014

While almost everybody is familiar with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, very few people are aware that a sequel to Rocky Horror exists.  The sequel, Shock Treatment, was also written by Richard O’Brien and starred many of the same people such as O’Brien (Riff Raff), Patricia Quinn (Magenta, and the owner of the famous lips that sang the opening to Rocky Horror), Charles Gray (the Criminologist), and Nell Campbell (Columbia).  It’s just as bizarre as Rocky Horror and music is just as catchy.

Sadly, lightning didn’t strike twice, and Shock Treatment was panned pretty hard.  Here’s a couple upbeat songs from the movie to get your day started out right:

Any of you notice a young Rick Mayall hanging around in that scene?

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