Georgia Republican might be a tad racist. And by “a tad” I mean “a lot.”

Georgia Republican might be a tad racist. And by “a tad” I mean “a lot.” September 10, 2014

State Sen. Frank Millar doesn’t like a law in DeKalb County, GA that allows early voting on Sunday – specifically because there are so many black people in the area.  How did this fact come to light?  Easy.  The man freaking said it, like he was proud of it:

The news was flagged by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In a longwinded email state Sen. Frank Millar (pictured) rants that Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal “appointee Interim CEO Lee May has disappointed those of us that hoped he could help bring the county together.”

It takes either a great deal of temerity or an unfathomable lack of awareness to chastise someone else for failing to bring the county together right after you disparaged some of its residents for the color of their skin.

But maybe Millar was just hacked off at a group of people likely to vote for his opponent getting a chance to vote on a convenient day when they wouldn’t have to find a way to get away from work (or the shopping mall, in Millar’s mind) and simply failed to express himself well.  So the question was put to Millar again and…well…he might be a bit racist.

The Republican state senator, Fran Millar (pictured), wrote that in a comment responding to others on his post where he vowed to end Sunday balloting in DeKalb County because that area is “dominated by African American shippers” and has “large African American mega churches.”

“I do agree with Galloway and I never claimed to be nonpartisan,” Millar wrote. “I would prefer more educated voters than a greater increase in the number of voters. If you don’t believe this is an efort [sic] to maximize Democratic votes pure and simple, then you are not a realist. This is a partisan stunt and I hope it can be stopped. Furthermore I don’t control where people are allowed to vote but am glad Brookhaven has been added for the last week.”

He would prefer more educated voters than all those black people.  Christ.

And let’s be honest for a moment: statistically, African Americans have less access to quality public education.  In the South this is due in large part to Republican-controlled governments making massive cuts to education in general, particularly in areas with large minority populations. In short: the GOP is a big part of the cause that, as a whole, the African American population gets shorted on education.  The proper response is to figure out a way to stop hosing your constituents because of the color of their skin, not to make it more difficult for them to vote.  The dumbest person, the poorest person, if they live in America, regardless of the color of their skin, are affected by our laws and policies as much as the richest, most brilliant person.  They should get an equal say in who makes those laws because they live here, not because they’re rich, poor, white, black, brilliant, dumb, etc.

I will seriously never know how racial minorities vote for the GOP.

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