Matt Dillahunty’s Atheist Debates – Argument from Design part 1: Order and Purpose.

Matt Dillahunty’s Atheist Debates – Argument from Design part 1: Order and Purpose. September 12, 2014

This summer Matt Dillahunty founded the Atheist Debates Patreon project.  It was so successful that Matt is now making videos on debating apologists for a living, which is great for atheism.  Matt is, in my eyes, one of our most skilled debaters and perhaps the best communicator in the business.

The first video produced for the project is even better than I had anticipated (and I had anticipated quite a lot):

I can’t wait for more videos from this project!

So how does a person make these videos for a living if someone like me can just link them for free?  Patreon works on pledges.  People pledge money per video each month up to a cap (so I could say I’ll donate $5 per video up to a maximum of $20, so if Matt goes apeshit and makes 50 videos in a month I’m not screwed).

If you enjoyed this video and want to see more, consider pledging to the Atheist Debates Patreon, Even if can just pony up a dollar per video, this adds up to people like we who do this for a living (and Matt plans to release 2-3 videos per month, I believe).  In fact, at this posting Matt has 179 people who have pledged $1 per video.  What if we got that up to 200?  That could cover a few breakfasts for someone who has given so much to atheism over the years.

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