Darrel Ray enters the world of podcasting with Secular Sexuality!

Darrel Ray enters the world of podcasting with Secular Sexuality! November 12, 2014

ich, let’s face it, is a pretty big draw as far as topics go.  Life just got a little better because Dr. Ray (not to be confused with Dr. Dre, though equally dope on the mic) has launched a new podcast: Secular Sexuality.

He’s already almost 10 episodes in so there’s plenty to listen to.  Here’s the schedule for the first season:

1. What is Secular Sexuality

2. Religious Thinking in Sex

3. Jealousy Deconstructed pt. 1

4. Jealousy Deconstructed pt. 2

5. Polyamory Roundtable

6. The Opposite of Jealousy

7. Interview with John – The Madonna Whore Syndrome

8 – Compersion part 2 (cont’d from episode 6)

9 – Sex and Porn addiction (NOT)

10 – Interview with David- Gay, Black, Atheist raised strict Baptist

11 – Secular Sexuality Conference,

Akron, OH Interviews  Heina Dadabohy, David Fitzgerald, Leah Grover

12 – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do pt. 1

13 – Interview with Marci, dealing with decades of marriage, jealousy, religion

14 – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do pt. 2

15 – Interview with Jeffrey

16 – So You Are Getting Married! Questions every atheist should ask themselves

17 – Lucy and Brad – Mormon and Catholic, now atheist

18- Play and Sex

19 – Holly, 45 yr old daughter of 7th day adventist minister.

Check out the web page for the show or find Secular Sexuality on itunes and/or spreaker.

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