FAITH & POLITICS: Texas lawmaker thumbs her nose at Texas’ Muslim citizens.

FAITH & POLITICS: Texas lawmaker thumbs her nose at Texas’ Muslim citizens. January 29, 2015

Today is Texas Muslim Capitol Day in Austin, Texas.  It’s organized by the Council on American-Islam Relations (CAIR) as a day where Muslim citizens visit the capitol and lobby lawmakers.  This…isn’t going to be good.

Twitter reports of some protesters who are exactly what you’d expect in Texas (though not a reflection on Austin, which is actually a pretty cool place):


“Go Home & Take Obama With You.”  Classy.

But at least it’s just yokels on the street, right?  I mean, how did Rep. Molly White choose to spend this day with citizens of her state whom she represents?  Well, first by not being there.  Second, like this:



And the always deplorable Erick Erickson, resident of my special twitter feed, loves it:


Look, lady – I’m as opposed to Islam as a religion as anybody.  And while I think the influence of Islam creates violence, it would be foolish to ascribe that to every Muslim citizen – especially in the United States where Islam is far more moderate than in the Middle East (which isn’t saying much, but still).  What’s more, imagine if it was a day for Christians to visit the capitol and someone left another country’s flag on their desk and message for them to renounce all Christian terrorism (which is the bigger threat to the United States).  Christians would be outraged and rightly so.  If she had snubbed the atheist population in the same way I’d be livid, so I can understand exactly how the Muslims in Texas feel (it’s called empathy, and this problem wouldn’t exist if Molly White had more of it).

You may not like their religion, Molly, but they’re still your constituents and you just severely disrespected them.

Furthermore, the agenda for this day is readily accessible on CAIR’s website.  Here it is (bold mine):

  • Continue full support of the Texas DREAM Act (Development, Relief, Education for Alien Minors)
  • Support and sponsor HB 474 and HB 455 requiring law enforcement to wear body cameras
  • Vote against HB 670, a so-called “anti-foreign law” bill
  • Support HJR 32 bill prohibiting courts from interpreting religious law

They’re actually lobbying to keep religious law out, which makes it doubly stupid Molly asks them to announce allegiance to American laws.  They’re here to voice their take on our laws using their right to petition the government…and Molly White made it a point to be somewhere else.

And I don’t blame them.  When you’re a minority religion watching the majority pump their religious rules into national law, the value separation of church and state becomes irresistibly conspicuous.  Christians would realize this if they were in the minority (or if enough of them could imagine what being in the minority was like).

I don’t like Islam.  I would see it removed from the world just like Christianity and every other form of faith, never by violence, but with good argumentation and working to change people’s minds with ideas.  But there is a difference between loathing a set of bad ideas and loathing every person who carries them.  People and ideas are simply different, and thinking somebody’s religion is pernicious doesn’t make them less of a citizen of this country.  This is a representative democracy, they must get the same say as I.

A lawmaker just thumbed her nose at people she’s supposed to represent as equally as the Christian population.  That’s not America, or at least it shouldn’t be.

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