Walgreens is selling homeopathic ASTHMA medicine.

Walgreens is selling homeopathic ASTHMA medicine. April 15, 2015

Hi everyone! This is Christina!

The other day my husband was having an asthma attack and he could not get a prescription for an Albuterol inhaler, so he asked the pharmacist if there was anything over-the-counter that he could get. The pharmacist showed him AsthmaCare, and he bought it (For $22.00). Here’s a picture I took of it hanging out on the shelf:

Picture of a box of Asthmacare on a retail store shelf.

Here’s the thing though. He realized when he got to the car and opened it that AsthmaCare is HOMEOPATHIC.

Homeopathy is a pseudoscience that does not work, and mountains of scientific evidence can attest to that fact. Yet pharmacists at Walgreens are pointing this out as an over-the-counter remedy for people who cannot otherwise obtain science-based treatment for asthma.

Alarmingly enough, the box actually comes straight out and says it: “This product has not been clinically tested.” so not only can it not possibly work, no one has even bothered to test it at all. What? Why would you sell any kind of medicine for a life-threatening medical condition that hasn’t been tested?

Walgreens is selling water to people and telling them it will treat their asthma. Box warnings aside, this is horrible.

I think it’s incredibly unethical for Walgreens to sell $22.00 water masquerading as a medication to treat mild asthma symptoms, so I made a video about it. Here you go.

Walgreens needs to stop selling this product. Help me make that happen.

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