Christian Motivational Posters

Christian Motivational Posters May 25, 2015

We’ve all seen them, those insipid Biblical quotes that are slapped onto some image and are shared on Facebook to be inspiring or motivating.

They lack any context to establish any meaning other than what the individual imbues. When I do see them, I usually crack open a Bible (or go online) to look at the surrounding context to see whether there’s any other verses that were ignored.

For example, someone will quote some supposedly inspiring message from the same book/chapter where it’s telling women to sit down and shut up.

I thought it might be interesting to take these motivational poster things, and find a proximate other verse to replace the quote with.

Most of these come from the infamous Jesus Daily page.

Then I started just making my own, looking up new verses entirely.

And of course, who could forget this one?

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