Jeb Bush: Tolerance requires us to permit intolerance.

Jeb Bush: Tolerance requires us to permit intolerance. May 18, 2015

Jeb Bush did an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network this weekend and talked about what we needed in order to have a tolerant country.  Amazingly (not really) it’s to allow intolerance if it’s done for religious reasons.

Speaking with host David Brody, the former Florida governor said, “It’s not just that people of faith can have their views, it’s that they need the space to act on their conscience. That is what faith is about.”

And if their “conscience” moves them to discriminate against others, meh, that’s the price we pay for a “tolerant” society.

Saying the best of all religious beliefs is when people of faith act on their values to help others, Bush nonetheless defended the rights of those same people to deny “services” to people whose lifestyles they oppose.

But not the black ones, disabled ones, Christian ones, etc.  Only the gay ones.

Don’t you see???  Tolerance can only be achieved if we pave the way for intolerance.  The only way people buy something this flagrantly loopy is when Jesus is involved.

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