Strings. May 7, 2015

A couple from the Heritage Baptist Church in Lawrence, KS just came to our door to hand us a tiny tract of Christian talking points.  It doesn’t contain any evidence, but I guess they were assuming we’d accept a dude rose from the dead because it was printed on a tiny piece of paper.

This particular part amused me:


It feels like a used car salesman saying “Just hand my cashier $500 and you get to walk away with a free car!”  If the gift is free, with no strings attached, why is this dead tree in my hand?

Look, if you want to sell me on a guy rising from the dead you need to first establish that you’re not phenomenally gullible at best or an able and willing liar at worst.  A good way to do that might be to not put the strings directly after the part that says no strings attached.

This tweet happened.  It was funny:

Gift, threat…they look so much alike when god or the mafia issue them.

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