86% of Americans satisfied with their health insurance under Obamacare according to Forbes.

86% of Americans satisfied with their health insurance under Obamacare according to Forbes. June 15, 2015

Even conservative publications are having to admit that the Affordable Care Act, which has secured health insurance for 16 million people (but not me, because Kansas), is pretty popular.  It turns out that programs which take care of people, saving them shitloads of money, and making sure they’re healthy, make people happy and more appreciative of the government.

Take this article in Forbes, for instance:

With a Supreme Court ruling that could pull subsidies from millions of newly insured Americans expected within two weeks, new data indicates those with coverage are happy and getting the health care they need.

86% of Americans receiving coverage under the Affordable Care Act from either government-run exchanges or the expanded Medicaid program for the poor are “very” or “somewhat” satisfied with their health insurance, according to the latest tracking survey out Friday from the Commonwealth Fund.

The survey comes just before the much-anticipated Supreme Court decision in the King v. Burwell case. The high court will decide whether more than 9 million Americans who the law helped purchase private plans will lose subsidies for coverage because they bought insurance on a federal marketplace rather than state-run exchanges.

I’ll reiterate: this is coming from the heavily Republican-leaning Forbes Magazine.

As Ed Brayton said earlier today, you can bet your sweet ass there are a number of Republicans secretly hoping the Supreme Court doesn’t vote to strip those subsidies, because if it does the burden of replacing them gets plopped right into the lap of the GOP, the very group who has been opposing this exceedingly popular and beneficial program all along.  At that point “you don’t get healthcare anymore because capitalism” probably won’t sit too well with voters.

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