Egypt’s Council of Churches to hold “countering atheism” conference.

Egypt’s Council of Churches to hold “countering atheism” conference. June 10, 2015

Oh this is just precious:

The Council of Churches will organize a Cairo conference to “counter atheism in Egypt” June 16, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

Under the slogan of “Church Facing Atheism,” the council has invited all Egyptian churches’ patrons and priests to the conference, which will be held in the Jesuits’ Saint Family school in Cairo.

Representatives from the Orthodox and Catholic churches will deliver speeches at the conference, including a speech on atheism from a scientific perspective. Workshops for priests will be organized to conclude recommendations after the conference.

Here, let me save the organizers and potential attendees some time and effort.


1.  Resort to scripture.
2.  Keep doing the same shit we’ve been doing.
3.  Pray.
4.  Use arguments that have been beat to hell like the Cosmological Argument or Argument from Design.
4a.  Stretch the definitions of words in scripture to the point they’re almost meaningless to claim that vague passages in our scriptures made precise, accurate predictions of things science would later discover.
5.  Tell them to fear hell if they don’t convert.


1.  Come up with new, fact-based arguments for our religion.

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