If you want this ruling to stick, then there’s one more thing you have to do.

If you want this ruling to stick, then there’s one more thing you have to do. June 26, 2015

Before I get to covering all the people we love to see upset, let me tell you what’s going to happen next.  If you share any of my posts today, I would prefer it be this one.

Every GOP candidate for President is going to start promising to overturn this ruling.  Hell, they’re already starting to do it.  They wouldn’t have the power to do it, but that’s never stopped them before.  Their base will buy it and become extremely motivated to vote.  Believe it or not, that’s actually a problem.  While the marriage equality side is far and away the majority of citizens in America, liberal people tend to not be as passionate about voting as conservatives.  Yes, candidates who oppose same-sex marriage will lose tremendous ground with the nation as a whole, but if a much greater percentage of the anti-gay side shows up to vote then bad things could still happen.  Remember, we’re not very far removed for George W. Bush getting elected.  Twice.

And believe me, they’re going to be riled up like nobody’s business after this.

Bear in mind that the next President will likely get to appoint four Supreme Court justices.  If you don’t want an entire Supreme Court of Antonin Scalias then you can’t rest on your laurels when this next election rolls around.  Want this ruling to stick?  Get out and vote next fall and it will.

Then we can have another party day where we all get together and watch Fox News.

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