“This is the Moment” from KC Oasis.

“This is the Moment” from KC Oasis. June 8, 2015

The last two weekends I’ve been the music guest at KC Oasis.  Last week was…rough.

There are some days where the voice just doesn’t want to leave your throat.  This is just part of making the voice your instrument.  Last Sunday was one of those days.  So I chose to forego any real acting to focus on technique. I still wasn’t enough to keep it out of my throat at times. I’m always telling my own students to be content with mistakes, since no run is ever perfect. It’s a lot harder when it’s me doing the singing though. 😛

Anyway, I sang “This is the Moment” from Jekyll & Hyde while donations were being collected.  I’m not proud of the video since I’m clearly flat in a couple of places and clearly throat several notes, but meh.  I have to be ok with weak runs as well as strong runs.  🙂

One of the attendees got a video of it.


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