Christians swarm meeting to demand pro-LGBT books be removed from Texas library – and lose.

Christians swarm meeting to demand pro-LGBT books be removed from Texas library – and lose. July 15, 2015

The library in Hood County, Texas, has two books in the children’s section which educate kids about the existence of gay people.  Packs of local Christians find this unacceptable and descended upon the Commissioners’ court to demand those books be removed.  Because it’s not enough they don’t check them out for their own kids, they have to be able to deny them to other people’s children:

After a local Tea Party chapter began circulating requests to have two LGBT-themed books — This Day in June and My Princess Boy — removed from the Hood County library Children’s section, residents swarmed the Commissioners’ court to speak out on the issue.

Many opponents said that their objections were based on their Christian faith.

Well here’s my surprised face.

The rambling, incoherent nonsense starts at 5:30:

The woman at 5:30, who presumes to be in a position to dictate how the library is run, doesn’t even know how to pronounce the word “library.”  If you have a one-book library, you’re not in a position to tell people who to run actual libraries.

One woman explained that the government employees and President Barack Obama had lost their “fear of the Lord.”

The solution to which is obviously keeping kids ignorant about the existence of LGBT people.

“The Founding Fathers designed our Constitution from Bible principles as Moses was instructed to bring the law down to the people… So, America was founded on God,” she insisted, imploring the commissioners to compare the United States to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

And yet eight of the ten commandments (the principles of Moses, as it were) would be absolutely illegal.

Another common theme among Hood County residents was the notion that LGBT books were an effort to “indoctrinate our children.”

It’s a tad depressing that people who truly wish to indoctrinate children into their religion can view accusation of indoctrination as a pejorative.  Telling children from the moment they’re old enough to comprehend it that eternal suffering awaits them if they don’t believe a series of absurd stories about a guy rising from the dead?  That’s just good, wholesome, Southern parenting.  Educating kids based on the facts of science or the undeniable fact that gay people exist?  Why, that’s indoctrination.

Holy hell, these people make no sense.

“That is their main goal,” one man said. “These books are not the problem. Sin is. I ask you to not celebrate sin, to justify it or rationalize it. Place these books in the dustbin of history with all the other books that help to destroy our society.”

Funny thing, in all the most progressive countries where same-sex marriage is largely legal, they’re not experiencing destruction.  To the contrary, those countries are doing great!  However, if you look to highly Christian and/or homogeneously anti-gay places like Kenya, Iran, etc., you’ll find god hasn’t quite gotten around to making sure their society is doing well.

And if you or your god view love as a sin, well, you’re both destined to live a pretty cold existence.

One woman compared children’s books about LGBT people to children’s books with graphic depictions of dead animals or books written by the Ku Klux Klan.

Yeah, if only kids were exposed to the bible which depicts rape (sanctioned by god), murder for arbitrary reasons (sanctioned by god), eternal suffering (sanctioned by god), genocide (sanctioned by god), and more.  What are we doing exposing kids to books that tell them some people are happier with someone of the same sex?  What is society coming to?  Can’t people see that loving another adult and committing to a life of making them happy is just like racism and burning crosses in the yards of racial minorities to intimidate them?  They’re practically the same thing!

One of the last women to speak warned the commissioners that judgement day was coming.

“The slippery slope is now and we all will face decisions,” she argued. “When our Lord Almighty comes, it will all be played back. Make a difference, for you will be held accountable. And this is important.”

Man, I can’t imagine if real education worked that way: based on threats rather than evidence.  Because right now science class works like this:

“Teacher?  Why should I believe this?”

“Well Jimmy, here’s the evidence we have.”

When it could run like this:

“Teacher?  Why should I believe this?”

“You’ll believe it or some day in the future god will make sure you burn.”

This is the mantra of the tyrant: do as I say, regardless of how it affects people/society, or you will suffer.  This, we are to believe, is love.  The speaker was asked for reasons the books should be removed and, rather than receiving reasons, received threats.  As someone who has done his fair share of debate with religious people I can tell you this is not uncommon.

“This is not a topic that our God would be happy with,” the woman noted, turning to the audience. “There is no fruit that comes from a man and a man and a woman and a woman. And if there is, it is not of God!”

Yeah, because if we just keep kids in the dark about the existence of gay people, LGBT people will stop having sex and getting married.  Brilliant.

Ok, so there’s no “fruit that comes from man/man or woman/woman,” but there are orgasms and happy lives.  That’s some mighty fine fruit, even if it isn’t the type of fruit that appeals to someone who clearly thinks marriage is for shitting out as many kids as possible regardless of whether or not you’re attracted to the person or if they make you happy.

But the last speaker made a really good point, and I’m happy to report that the final verdict was in the favor of common sense (a rarity for Texas lately):

“And with issues of LGBT matters, in comparison to the Bible, we’re talking about a gay Pride parade and a boy in a dress. Not incest, not rape, not murder, not polygamy, not inequality for women, not slavery. We’re talking about a boy in a dress!”

In the end, commissioners decided to leave the LGBT-themed books in the children’s section of the library.

Those lucky kids: they’ll have access to an education about their peers that most of their parents, on account of their churches, will surely try to deny them.  And isn’t that what libraries are for?  Libraries exist to fill in the ignorance preserved by our circumstances and/or our upbringing.  I’m glad this library will be able to more optimally fulfill its purpose.

Kudos to the sensible people who showed up, outing themselves as, at minimum, people who don’t mind LGBT people (which, in rural Texas, is pretty god damn brave).

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