MORNING UPDATE: I am in the land of the arch!

MORNING UPDATE: I am in the land of the arch! July 30, 2015

Hey all, just popping in with an update.

Last night I got in and played putt putt with some members of the one of the local SSA chapters.  Today I’m gonna grab lunch with Ben Schuldt (whose excellent work has been gracing the blog for the last week) before seeing an old friend, grabbing dinner with another old friend, and then hanging out with some members of the St. Louis Freethinkers tonight.  It’s gonna be crazy busy and crazy fun.

I saw a friend from college last night who had a baby shortly after graduating.  Her daughter is now entering middle school.  She brought her daughter to putt putt last night and I found myself tempted to say all the shit that annoyed me to hear when I was young:

“I held you when you were just a baby.”

“I haven’t seen you since you were this big.”

Etc.  I remember as a kid thinking, “So fucking what?”  (I was a vulgar child).  Now I realize the significance of that: kids are the barometer by which we often measure our own lifespans – they’re how our age really starts to hit home.

Jesus Christ, I’ve watched a baby grow into a middle schooler.  I’m ancient.

Anywho, I hope to see some of you at Gateway to Reason this weekend.  It should be a grand ol’ time.

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