David Barton: we can’t let trans people serve in the military! We already allow child molesters!

David Barton: we can’t let trans people serve in the military! We already allow child molesters! August 19, 2015

Man-pretending-to-be-a-historian David Barton is mad: they’re letting anybody serve in the military now including child molesters and people who boink animals and, if we’re not vigilant, soon they’ll even let Transgender people fight for their country!

Absurdly stating that the government now recognizes and protects 82 different “gender identities,” including pedophilia and bestiality, Barton claimed that child molesters are now free to openly serve in the military.

“There’s 82 official gender identities now and they all have equal status and protection here,” Barton said, “so we’re talking pedophiles. If you’re a military member and you have an inclination for young children, you can’t be kicked out of the military for that anymore because that is your gender identity. If you are into having sex with animals, bestiality, that is one of the 82 gender identities, you cannot be kicked out for your lack of judgment and your very perverse taste on that.”

I reached out to Paul Loebe for a comment:

Article 120 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice prohibits sexual activity with anyone under the age of 16. It is a violation of military law to have sex with a minor. Period. Despite the fact that the federal law sets the age at 16, state law applies wherever a military member is. So if the servicemember is stationed in California, then the sexual partner must be 18 years old or the service member will be charged under the UCMJ.

The only exception for this is emancipated teenagers who are married to a servicemember, but have not yet attained the age of 18.
Additionally, The UCMJ’s article 125 prohibits sex with animals and is punishable by court martial. It falls under U.S. Code 925 Title 10.

And when was pedophilia ever a gender identity?

Huh. I guess David Barton said something that was untrue and easily checked that will be swallowed whole by a church full of people who won’t take the few seconds required to check it.  Now I’ve seen everything.

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