Kansas superintendent removes picture of Jesus from middle school hallway after FFRF asks him to.

Kansas superintendent removes picture of Jesus from middle school hallway after FFRF asks him to. August 24, 2015

It turns out Royster Middle School in Kansas had a big picture of Jesus hanging in the hallway which, somehow, struck a local parent as a violation of the separation of church and state.  They complained and the FFRF sent a letter to the school essentially saying “Hey, you’re breaking the law.  Maybe you didn’t know, so we’ll let you get out of this completely free if you just stop doing it.  Cool?”

Naturally, Fox News doesn’t exactly see it that way:

A Kansas public school has removed a picture of Jesus that hung in a hallway for decades after a complaint from a national church-state separation group, The Wichita Eagle reported.

Fox loves that part: that it’s hung in the hallway for decades.  Because, as we all know, a wrong becomes right so long as it’s been happening for a really long time.  Just look at slavery.

Wait a minute…

Royster Middle School removed the print of Warner Sallman’s “Head of Christ” last Thursday, following a complaint from the national Freedom From Religion Foundation, Richard Profitt, the school superintendent, said Friday.

Proffitt, who is in his first year as Chanute superintendent, said the picture was taken down after the district’s lawyer advised that the school could not legally display it.

Good on Proffitt!  If your lawyer tells you that you’re doing something illegal the smart thing to do for yourself, the school district you represent, and the kids who are a part of that district is to not risk their lives and money.  This seems obvious to me, but apparently it isn’t obvious to some Christians:

“Oh man, it’s getting bad,” said Erika Semey, who attended Royster 10 years ago. “That’s what’s wrong with this world. Not enough people have Christ in their lives.”

Yeah, what’s the world coming to when Christians can’t break the law whenever they feel like and turn an institute of education into a place to proselytize to a captive audience rather than to kids who choose to attend church?  Will the insanity never stop?

This blog is saturated with Christians trying every underhanded trick in the book to secure a leg up for themselves by trying to worm their religion into the government.  But the superintendent of this school district, while probably a Christian himself, seems to get it:

According to the Eagle, the foundation filed a complaint last year with another Kansas district – where Proffitt was then-superintendent – after a teacher allowed a member of Gideons International to speak in his class and hand out Bibles to students. Proffitt put a stop to the Bible distribution.

Proffitt, who expects to take some heat over removal of the Jesus picture, told the paper he thinks the Freedom From Religion Foundation was alerted to the picture after a recent school visitor took a snapshot of it and sent it to the foundation, which then made its complaint.

When violations are brought to his attention, it seems he does something about them.  Kudos to him.

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