MORNING HAPPINESS: I’m back, baby!

MORNING HAPPINESS: I’m back, baby! August 4, 2015

Hey everybody!  I’m finally back home and ready to check the news.  I’m sure everything that was awful with the world is now better.

I had a blast at Gateway to Reason.  I met some really cool people, gave a decent talk, and got a good amount of time in with old friends.  I may post pics later today.  We’ll see how busy the world has been in my absence.

For your morning happiness, here’s a clip of Shanon Nebo’s (from Be Secular) baby munching on my hand (I sent this to Michaelyn because she goes apeshit over pics/vids of me with babies/animals):

This kid needs to pull himself up by his bootstraps and get a job. This is ‘murica.

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