One Texas doctor is not happy with his legislature’s rules on abortion.

One Texas doctor is not happy with his legislature’s rules on abortion. August 31, 2015

Here’s the subtext:

Redditor Mystharia terminated a pregnancy for medical reasons last week; her doctor gave her this consent form, mandated by — and scathingly attacking — the Texas legislature, which requires the doctor to enumerate an eye-wateringly detailed account of the foetal development before termination.

And here’s the form:


The Texas legislature, in its infinite wisdom, believes that neither you nor I are intelligent enough to carry on a conversation about how you might make an informed decision about how to best handle your current pregnancy.  To be sure that they and their ideologues are part of our doctor patient relationship, they have mandated that you be forced to see and hear the ultrasound of your pregnancy, as well as be given a detailed description of the pregnancy’s development to this stage.  By inserting themselves into our conversation, they have almost certainly violated our first amendment rights to free speech and intruded into the time-honored relationship you and I share at this critical time in our lives.  It is, however, the current state law in Texas.

Most patients seeking a pregnancy termination are already anguished enough with the struggle to find the right answer for their lives and situation, without having others, ignorant of the situation, coerce them under the false guise of “providing more useful information”.  It has always been my practice to fully inform my patients of everything they need and want to know.  As long as I am your physician, I will continue to provide that invormation and honor the sacred responsibility you’ve entrusted to me.

I like this guy/gal.

I also like him because he acknowledges he’s bound by the law, even if he doesn’t like it.  This is the difference between people like myself and many of the people I criticize on this blog.  I realize that if I’m going to insist that Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who is refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses claiming it’s her religious liberty to disobey the law, then I must hold my side to the same standards.

If this doctor had refused to obey the state’s idiotic laws about ultrasounds you’d hear all manner of shrieks from lots of people who think Kim Davis is a hero.  Kudos to this doctor for committing to this act of defiance while still obeying the law (and presumably working to change it through the proper channels).

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